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Puppy Care 101: A Guide to Your Goldendoodle's First Week at Home

Congratulations on welcoming your Goldendoodle puppy into your home! The first week is a crucial time for bonding and establishing routines. Here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth start:

Potty Training

Be patient and consistent with potty training. Take your puppy outside frequently, especially after meals and naps. Use positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, when they go in the designated potty area. Accidents will happen, so remain calm and avoid punishment.

Feeding Schedule

Establish a regular feeding schedule with high-quality puppy food. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate diet for your Goldendoodle's age and size. Mealtime consistency helps regulate their digestive system.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Begin basic training using positive reinforcement techniques. Reward good behavior with treats and praise, fostering a strong bond and encouraging desired habits. Consistency is key in establishing rules and commands.

Vet Check-Up

Your puppy will go home with their first round of core vaccines and deworming. Make sure to schedule another vet appointment upon getting your puppy to ensure your puppy receives necessary vaccinations and preventive care. Discuss a vaccination schedule and ask about flea, tick, and worm prevention.

Balanced Play and Rest

Puppies have bursts of energy but also need plenty of rest for proper development. Ensure a balance between playtime and naptime. Provide a variety of toys for mental stimulation.

Crate Training

Introduce your puppy to their crate gradually, making it a positive and comfortable space. Use treats and toys to encourage them to enter willingly. Crate training aids in housebreaking and provides a secure retreat for your puppy. Avoid using the crate as a form of punishment.

Sleeping Arrangements

Create a cozy sleeping area for your puppy with a soft bed and familiar toys. This promotes a sense of security and comfort. We recommend using the crate overnight and you may consider moving the crate with you to main areas. This helps get them used to cozy sleeping space, but having another comfy area is always nice too. Consider placing a blanket with the scent of the breeder or littermates to ease the transition.


While socialization is crucial, avoid exposing your puppy to other dogs in public spaces until they are fully vaccinated. This helps protect them from potential diseases. Instead, focus on positive interactions with family members and controlled environments.

Grooming Introduction

Start gentle grooming practices early on to acclimate your Goldendoodle to the experience. Brush their coat, handle their paws, and check their ears regularly. This helps them become comfortable with grooming routines.

Create a Safe Environment

Puppy-proof your home by removing potential hazards. Secure electrical cords, small objects, and anything harmful. This ensures a safe space for your curious Goldendoodle to explore.

Remember, each puppy is unique, so adapt these tips to suit your Goldendoodle's individual needs. Enjoy the journey of building a lifelong bond with your new furry companion!

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