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Our Guardian Program


As you look through the ladies and gents of Massbach Mesa Doodles, you will notice that some puppy parents are part of our guardian home program. You may be wondering what this is, or maybe you want to join the program yourself! Here you can find further information, FAQS, and view the Guardian Home Program Agreement to fill out once accepted into the program.


If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our doodles, please make sure to review the requirements before reaching out. It's important to note that our guardian program is not always available and spots are limited. If you do not get accepted into our guardian home program, please still contact us about your interest in a puppy from Massbach Mesa Doodles! 

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a relationship between us the breeder, and you the Guardian family. We would like to place a pup, of our choosing, the pick of the litter, in your family where it will be cared for and loved as part of your family and not be placed in a kennel with many, many other dogs and to one day be a part of our breeding program. In turn, we will only have a few dogs in our home to give them the attention and love they deserve. 

We will consider eligible families for a placement of a puppy that would live with you and come to us for breeding. The puppy would  belong to Massbach Mesa Doodles until they are released from the program but in all other aspects, the puppy would  be your family member.  This is a relatively short term contract with us. If you are interested in potentially being a guardian family for an upcoming litter, please fill out the application. We do not keep a pup from every litter but put our name down at the top of the list in case there is a potential breeding pup.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Guardian Home puppy is a deposit of $300 to be put toward a spay or neuter procedure at a later date. We also will give you additional  thank-you gift money with your second and third litters of $100 per live pup born with a female guardian dog and $100 per litter for the male guardian dog. 

Your family is responsible for routine veterinary care and wellness of the puppy - for example, vaccines, food, grooming, heart, worm prevention, training, etc. Any breeding costs are at the expense of Massbach Mesa Doodles - for example hips, elbows patella x-rays, CERF of eyes, Cardiac, and genetic tests.

How does it work?

Your family would adopt the puppy  at 8-9 weeks and the puppy will live in your forever home.  During the first year we will complete some health tests on the puppy (at our cost) to ensure the puppy is eligible for breeding. We will stay in regular contact with you and require visits 2-3 times a year at our property so that the puppy is comfortable around us and  at our home. 


Male puppy - Beginning just over one year or close to it we will call and arrange when we need to have the puppy come to our house for  breeding. This could require 2-3 breedings with each female.  Male dogs will breed for up to 7 years.  We will provide plenty of notice when an upcoming breeding is near.  At 7 years we will pay for a neuter procedure with our vet and he will carry out his years with you. 


Female puppy - we will ask you to document the puppy ‘s first heat and the day you notice blood. Typically we will breed on the second heat cycle or the third depending on the age of the dog. When we decide to breed the dog she  will be taken to one of our vets or yours , for progesterone lab draws, this will enable us to decipher when the ovulation is taking place and allow us to breed your dog on the correct cycle day . After the breeding and on day 30, we will make an appointment with our vet for an ultrasound to see if she is pregnant and if she is she will come to our home on day 58 or 59. The dog will have her puppies and stay with us 7-8 weeks depending on her weaning process. You are more than welcome to come visit after the third week to see your dog and the puppies. 

The contract will be over after 3 litters and she will live out her years with you.


At times the guardian home wishes to guardian a second  pup which can be discussed. 

Who is eligible for our Guardian Home Program?

In order to be eligible for the Program, your family must : 


  • Live within 90 miles of Stockton for a female guardian and live within 30 miles for a male guardian. 

  • Have a fenced in yard.

  • Be willing to travel to our home for breeding or at least meet halfway if time allows.

  • Be willing to have an open line of communication with us. 

  • Not relocate to a distance of more than 150 miles.

  • Agree to provide an environment for the puppy which includes annual veterinary visits, vaccinations and flea/tick /heartworm prevention. 

  • Be flexible! We are  looking for families that are easy to get along with and want to be a part of our Massbach Mesa Doodle Family.


If you think your family is a good match please fill out the application.

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