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About my family
& our love for dogs

My name is Terese and I am a nurse who fell in love with a dairy farmer many years ago, moved onto the farm, and started a family. I love farm life and it was an amazing experience raising our two children on our family farm. When the kids were young, we decided to purchase a border collie who was already trained for herding cows. That's how we met Glen. Glen was the first border collie on our farm and shortly after, we welcomed our next border collie, Paige, to our family. We had two genetically sound dogs with great potential as breeding stock. We began to breed border collies and did so for 15 years.


We thought that there was no other breed of dog that was as wonderful as our collies...until we met the Goldendoodle. We fell in love instantly and changed our chosen breed of dog.  Maggie was our first Goldendoodle and a friend to everyone and a stranger to no one, which made her a great family dog. She was cheerful, trustworthy, gentle, affectionate, smart and had a high level of wanting to please. She was the beginning of our doodle family and the start of Massbach Mesa Doodles.


When we met our Bernedoodle, Tootsie, a few years ago, we instantly fell in love with her too, and how cuddly and goofy she is! We knew we wanted to bring her into our family too, therefore growing Massbach Mesa with even more snuggles, fluffy fur, and love!  

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