These two adorable faces are ready to share their love and cuddles with their new families! We've enjoyed playing with them here at the farm and are excited to match them up with loving forever families!

Interested in meeting them or learning more? Contact us or fill out at application below! 


We welcome you with open paws!

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Thanks for visiting Massbach Mesa GoldenDoodles! We are happy to share our love of GoldenDoodles with all. As you probably guessed, our specialty is GoldenDoodles, which is a cross breed of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. We fell in love with this breed because of many of their qualities, such as their low shedding to lack of shedding (which is great for those of you with allergies!) and their friendliness towards children and other dogs. They are full of love and energy and are a great companion to have. We currently breed three different sizes - mini, medium,standard. And we personally own one of each size! Please contact us to ask which current size we have available. 

Here at Massbach Mesa, our dogs are not just our pets, but family members who are adored and cherished. Our goal in our breeding program is to produce well-socialized, healthy pups with sweet temperaments that will make great family pets or therapy dogs. We invest a tremendous amount of time, dedication, energy, hard work, education, and tender, loving care into our breeding program. Our puppies are born and raised in our home and handled daily. As a small home breeding program, you will find that our Moms are always on site, as well as one Dad. We currently have one future Mom in a guardian home and two of the Dads are owned and cared for by Rose at Galena Goldendoodles.

We would love for you to learn more about us and our love for GoldenDoodles by clicking here. Are you interested in learning more about the breed itself? We got you! We love sharing how awesome GoldenDoodles are - just click here.  And who doesn't love cute dog pictures? We are happy to share pictures and videos of our own furry family, as well as those that have been shared with us by people who have started their own furry families! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

"Hi Terese! Hope this finds you well! We are doing great and so are the pups!  Hard to believe they will be 7 months old next week. They have brought so much joy and entertainment to our lives. They are so good and well behaved. Everybody loves them!  They are a hit at the dog park!  They are good eaters and each weigh about 28 lbs. They have proven themselves and don't have to go in the kennel during the day. They are adorable and can't imagine not having the both of them. They are so good to each other and play hard.  It's hard to believe they both rode in my lap on our way home from your place. Here are some pics to enjoy."

- Luke & Millie's Happy Humans 

“We are so blessed to have Maui be part of our family! He has been so sweet and kind to our four boys. Our son has a lot of health issues and Terese was so kind to help explain the breed and pair us with the perfect puppy for our family. Everyone that knows Maui falls in love with him! We will always choose Massbachmesagoldendoodles!!!!”
-The Alexanders